2 years in Removal Proceedings


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I came as J1 and enrolled language school in 2017 sep, i waited my visa approves for F1 and school didnt call me and didnt say anything, i got married in June 2018 and i pulled over by the cops in July 2018 because of speeding, i didnt have Driving License, i went to jail and immigrations detention center, i stayed 1 week on total as arrested. i paid my bond, and they gave me removal proceedings, its been 2 years they scheduled my court Jan 2020 but they delayed it without give me any date??? its been months, and they still didnt give me any date for my court, i have an attorney but she doesnt help me, i dont know what to do? I cant get green card because of this silly case! Do you guys know how i can figure it out??


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USCIS does not have jurisdiction to process your I-485 if you are in removal proceedings. I think the steps are:
1. File and get I-130 approved
2. Based on the approved I-130 ask your attorney to administratively close your removal proceedings and then file I-485 with USCIS.
3. You can ask the immigration judge to approve your I-485 relief based on the approved I-130.
4. Since you were on J1 make sure you do not need a J1 waiver else you can’t adjust status.


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Thank you so much for your response!
1- my I-130 approved last year in october 2019
2- i told that to my attorney but even before corona my attorney said there is any judges in Atlanta, Ga court ,

i dont understand this how they dont have any judges and it shouldnt be my business!

3- if they give me a court date i will ask but i started to lose my hope about that, i ask them but there is no date so far

4- i dont have waiver, thank you for asking!

did you hear something like this before they say there is any judges in the court!!!!!!??

this is unbelievable!!!