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Hi My name is Dan and today i went to USPS passport agency . The guy from usps passport application wants me to send the original copy of my Father’s Naturalization and my original foreign birth certificate , but my dad said that only send the copy of his naturalization not the original because he’s scared that his original copy will never come back . will my passport application will get denied ? I sent my original birth certificate . I got my naturalization derived by my father and applying for us (blue) passport .


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From my understanding, any certificate that is not original (including certified copy from USCIS) got denied and VERY RARELY a certified copy will be accepted.

My recommendation is to make a certified copy as back up and send the original since the chances are much greater with original certificate of naturalization of you father.


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If you go to the actual passport agency they will give you back your passport and originals on the same day. However you need a proof of travel within a week to be eligible. However I’m wondering why can’t you submit your dad’s passport (if he has one) instead of naturalization certificate as it is a valid and conclusive proof of citizenship as per DoS


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Passport is NOT accepted for the secondary proof of citizenship if you are requesting the passport through the naturalization of a parent. They ONLY ACCEPT the Certificate of Naturalization of a parent as a proof of a citizenship through the father/mother.

I believe because they have to verify "the date" that the parent became a citizen since the passport lacks that information.


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Been 5 months since OP posted, I am assuming he got an RFE for the original certificate but would be nice to get an update.