140 revoked, out of country


I am eligible for AC-21 as my 485 was filed in 2007. I moved out of the country and started working for the same company offshore. In the mean time my EAD and AP were intact. I had moved much later and met the 180 days post filing of 485. My AP expires Dec 2013 while EAD is valid until 2014. Now my company is revoking the original 140 as they don't think i will return to them on the same Job description as i've moved up the ladder.

I don't think they will have a job for me anyway back in the US and i was looking outside hoping to use AC-21. Now since i am out of the country and the 140 may be revoked as early as next week, what choices do i have. I may get a new Job within 2-3 weeks but if i try to enter the US will there be a problem based on the 140 revocation or the offer letter of the new company will be good enough.

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice or guidance.