1099-K affect Green Card (I-485, G-325a)

Hello folks.

I have faced with some problem. I worked 2 months on Uber on L1b visa in 2016 year. As far I know it is illegal, but It is just 60 days after work. I have got 1099-K.

My company is going to apply Green Card (EB2 or EB3) for me and they asked to provide my tax information (W2, 1040 and schedule C).

How can I resolve this problem? Who has faced with same problem and got Green Card? Could you advise attorney who already resolved this problem?

I reentered to USA 2 weeks ago (may be it helps me).

I will very appreciate for any help or information


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According to INA 245(k), AOS in employment-based categories is exempt from the bars for having been out of status or having had unauthorized employment, if there hadn't been more than 180 days of being out of status or unauthorized employment since the most recent entry.