1.police verification certificate 2. marriage certificate 3. birth certificate for CP for indian parents

1.my parents had got the police verification done via local police office in patiala, punjab. It was rejected by NVC , I just wanted to confirm that the police verification is now needed through regional passport office and whats the procedure for getting it done , they are old and i am trying to not get them stressed out ( if any one knows the closest regional passport office close to patiala , will appreciate it )
2. their marriage was not registered , so i sent NON availability of marriage certificate with affidavit from two close relatives, they accepted for one parent and rejected for the other , what should i do ?
3. my birth certificate did not have mothers name, got it amended legally , sent that certificate with affidavits from relatives with DOB on ceritificate , was accepted under one parent and rejected on other , what should i do ?
really will appreciate feedback
thanks a lot