1. J

    CPT Violation and future OPT and/or H-1 Applications

    I am new to the forum, and hoping to get some advice from all you knowledgeable people here. I did visit an immigration attorney on this matter but she was very uneducated on this specific case. Here is the situation I entered the U.S. under F-1 status on August 2013 to obtain my undergraduate...
  2. D

    Please for the love of sweet Jesus, can you help me out? PLEASE!

    Hello, so we filed the adjustment of status with i130. The i130 is listed as processing. The i485 came back as rejected as they couldnt find a correct priority date. Now thats listed there on one of the documents as 28th Feb. They said to resubmit it with the correct date. My mother is a USA...
  3. driano

    Medical Technologist

    hi, I am a Medical Technologist from Philippines . i need work in US, Colorado or nearby state i need sponsor for my visa. ASCPi holder and RMT in PH. Thanks