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    Visitor Visa Entry Extension - COVID

    Hello, My parents were visiting me in February 2020 and were due to return May 2020 back to their country (India). However due to COVID we decided to file visitor visa extension applications in August 2020 about a week before 6month entry I-94 expiration. I requested extension by the I-539...
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    Names mismatch between Passport and other documents

    Hi All, I am working on B2 documentation and DS160 fill up for my Parents. In my father passport, his name is----- Madhavaiah But in all other documents (and) in my passport-fathername section his name is mentioned as --- Madhanasekar *This is not the actual name I mentioned above as this is...
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    B visa for job interview

    Friends: A company has invited me to the US for second round of interviews for a full time position with them. Question 1) Should I apply in B1 category or would B2 be the right category? The company I am interviewing with is a growing company with offices in a few cities but is not...
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    A.O.S for F4 category

    Hello, my question is regarding adjustment lf status for F4 category (family based) . I am on student visa and i was included in approved i-130 as a deriavative beneficiary ! As my u.s.a citizen aunt filled i-130 for my mom !our PD is sept 2004! Moreover my mom has b-2 visa too! As per new...