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    Public Intox student who needs to renew F1 stamp

    Hello, Background: I am a student in a F1 Visa in Arkansas. I was arrested early in February while I was walking back from a bar with some friends. I was taken to jail and charged with Public Intoxication (Class C misdemeanor in Arkansas, Ark. Code § § 5-4-201, 5-4-401, 5-71-212). I was...
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    TD Visa Stamp Application at the US Consulatr

    Hello, Been following this forum for years now, but first time to post. Got some questions regarding my family's TD visa, and hope to get some advices from the members. Got our TN/TD extension recently before our visas expired (my company applied our visa by mail to USCIS; our previous visa...
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    Possibility of H4 with unauthorized unemployment on F1?

    Hello, One of my friends is currently on F1 visa and have worked for almost 11 months under the table paid in cash (no contract or ssn is linked). She is getting married now to an H1B (I-140 approved) visa holder and wants to change her status to H4 and later be a dependent on his green card...
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    M-1 to f-1

    i have applied to 3 universities for spring 2017, probably will get from all of three, bt problem is i have already completed my vocation study in MIS and took opt for 3 months then after m planing to pursue my master in same stream which is MIS , so i am going back to india to change my status...
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    TN visa expire expiring 2016, TN visa status till 2018

    Hi, Last year I applied and was granted a TN visa as a Mexican citizen . The visa stamp on my passport expires by the end of July 2016 but the annotations on my visa state that the status is valid from August 2015 to August 2018 (dates stated on my letter of employment presented at the...