1. S

    URGENT- Requesting for advice regarding EAD card cancellation and OPT

    I'm writing to discuss a serious matter concerning my academic suspension, and I wanted to reach out to you for advice. My intended graduation was scheduled for May 2023, and in February 2023, I applied for my EAD card with a start date of May 15th, 2023. However, during my final exam, my...
  2. Y

    USCIS connect - case number

    Dear All, My Petition send back to USCIS for further verification after Consular Mumbai interview. Myself & Petitioner both waiting any email or connect from USCIS last 4 months. I have emailed last week to Mumbai consulate & Visa Travel doc for any update. Also it is 180 days over after RFQ doc...
  3. N

    Applied Premium processing for I-140 in EB-2, but got approval notice for EB-3

    Fragomen filed eb2 and eb3 for i-140, i paid 2500$ and applied premium processing for EB-2, i got approval notice for EB3. i mailed Fragomen about this, they said that, they applied the premium processing upgrade request to EB-2, they said they are looking into the matter and will circle back...
  4. S

    What evidence and documents should I submit with I-485?

    Hi all, Just want to make sure I don’t miss anything…
  5. Moe2001

    Complicated case

    Hello everyone, I’m a DV 2022 winner my case number is in 17k I’m from Asia (Jordan) married with 4 kids now but one was born recently (all 4 kids are U.S citizens). I’m currently in the U.S on a student visa F1. My wife and the kids are in Jordan (for work purposes). My wife has a valid...
  6. I

    Asylum decision review

    Hi , everyone! Don't get me wrong. I am very happy that I finally received the decision, but there is one issue I'd like to ask you, maybe someone had experienced the same thing. So my decision arrived to me 3.5 years after the interview. It was an approval. But later I've checked the history...
  7. B

    USCIS was able to close my lawsuit with a "Motion to remand", then denied my naturalization application

    USCIS would not make a decision after my n-400 interview, so I filed (pro se) a lawsuit according to the instructions I found in this forum. Then what happened was that USCIS responded at the last minute of the 60 days with a "Motion to remand", which the judge then immediately accepted without...
  8. R

    US attorney never responded to my lawsuit against USCIS. What are my next steps?

    Hi everyone. The adjudication (decision) of my naturalization application was unlawfully delayed after the interview. The reason specified by USCIS was "security checks". I've filed PRO SE at the federal court for my district a lawsuit against USCIS et al. After serving the complaint by...
  9. 0BoT1

    Situation at the POE

    Hi, We have a weird situation that happened when we entered in USA - Los Angeles airport (LAX), and the officer didn't wanted to take our documents... (the sealed envelopes). I insisted, but he didn't want to take them.... He said that it's not necessary and that we should keep them. We then...
  10. R

    Should I apply for OPT when my passport has validity of less than 6 months?

    My passport is in the renewal process and has a validity of less than 6 months(Expiring in May). To apply for OPT is it mandatory to have 6 months of passport validity? My concern is if I wait for a new passport to arrive, to apply for OPT, approval will take more time given the backlog of USCIS...
  11. T

    I sent my I 765 application to USCIS via usps asking for signature confirmation

    Hi all, I just sent out my stem opt application to Dallas tx USCIS using USPS priority mail with signature confirmation. I am really worried there will be no one to sign and my application will be returned. I can’t afford a delay as I need to start working ASAP. please let me know if anyone...
  12. S

    Can't get police records of a country

    Hi, we have received the I130 approval and are working towards putting together the final documents for the Embassy interview. My wife is from Venezuela, and we are having a tough time getting the police clearance certificate. We are aware there is a website, but it seems someone who helped my...
  13. cendyouo

    N-400 name change Question in North California

    According to Uscis, we can request a judicial ceremony since we fill up the name change in N-400. My oath doesn’t have a judge. How can we request a judicial ceremony, since I fill up the name change in N-400? Is there a fee for that? (USCIS put me in the ceremony that doesn’t have a judge)...
  14. Jdl787

    F4 visa aged out or not

    Hi members, My uncle applied for f4 visa for my dad and the priority date is April 4th, 2007 and the i-130 was approved on March 15, 2012. When I log on to ceac I don't see my name, but my parents are listed. My DOB is August 27th, 1994 and my current age is 25. I know am above the age for...
  15. Q

    Videos with specific answers of 100 civics questions for every state.

    I'd like to prepare the civic test with specific answers of my state, it helps me a lot, so I make all these videos for every state : Good Luck to you!
  16. B

    TN visa via Port of Entry OR USCIS

    Have a question: I am a Canadian citizen work in the US on TN visa. I will soon be applying for a new TN visa as I am changing employers. What is the preferred approach for applying for a TN to work in USA assuming you are going in with all the requirements of a TN visa. I am asking because the...
  17. S

    Apply for I-90, N-400, or both?

    USCIS made an error for "Country of Birth" on my Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), it says "USA" but I was born in a foreign country. Caught the error late and never had it corrected/replaced. My PRC expires on June 20, 2019. Here is my dilemma: There will be important things I need to do...
  18. S

    TN Visa Denied [USCIS]

    My company used Fragomen to file my TN Visa. They have a terrible reputation. (look them up on yelp) I am Canadian. I received an RFE, and then today, received a denial. I am shocked as I have been approved for multiple TN visas prior to this, and have been living in the States for a while. I...
  19. M

    Adding a spouse to my asylum application?

    Hello, I got married to a non US citizen who is physically in the US and would like to add her to my application. My asylum case is currently pending. Can I update my I-589 by just adding my spouse's information and then mailing it to USCIS or is there something else I should do? Thanks
  20. K

    Motor Voter Trouble

    Hi all. My boyfriend is a permanent resident and recently finished his interview for the citizenship process. He passed everything but was questioned about voting. When he received his license, he was also registered to vote at the MVA. He is 100% sure that he said NO to the question asking if...