us citizenship

  1. Champagnets99

    Dual Citizen engaged to Canadian Citizen/Both in Canada

    Hi everyone! I understand the process to bring my Canadian fiance to the USA however I am a bit confused as I currently reside in Canada with him. However I am dual citizen (born in the USA) and unsure if the process is different. My father lives in the exact area we want to move and reside...
  2. N

    n-400 application help

    Hello I need help from seniors on few topics in N-400 form. I am helping my mother to file it. 1. Part 5. Information about your residence Question is Do I need to list all addresses in which she traveled outside of US for 2-3 months over the last 5 year period? She maintained a home in US...
  3. B

    dual citizen question 11 on N400- need help

    My sister is dual citizen, Canadian and Nepal. While filling N400, what should be her answer? Both countries have allowed her to keep the respective Passports. Question - 11 - Country of Citizenship or Nationality Also, should she submit passports from both countries? Should she carry...
  4. Q

    Videos with specific answers of 100 civics questions for every state.

    I'd like to prepare the civic test with specific answers of my state, it helps me a lot, so I make all these videos for every state : Good Luck to you!
  5. E

    N-600K U.S. Citizenship through Grandparent or Parent of child born abroad.

    Hi, I live in London however, I grew up in NY/CT until I was around 7. I then moved to London and have lived here ever since. I returned to the USA to see family ( my mom was American and her family was there) over summers however, from around 1985-2009 I did not return, I have now been going...
  6. M

    US citizenship Interview

    I appeared in my scheduled interview for US citizenship, when I arrived to federal plaza uscis NY, they said they don’t have my file and USCIS center failed to send it. The officer keep my notice and told me that it is the evidence that I appeared in my supposed interview and I have to wait for...
  7. N

    US Citizenship issue - Broke continuous residency as Outside US for 8 months

    Will absence of 8 months from the US affect when I file for citizenship & naturalization? I am currently in US and in 5 years had 3 short trips less than 6 months to India, just 1 was for 8 months. I have my employment continued in US and also has rented apartment during this 8 months. How...
  8. S

    US citizenship - Canada trips counted?

    Hello friends, I have a relative who has a US greencard and has visited Canada and stayed for total about 3 times. For these visits, she does not have any stamp on her passport for entry/exit from US or Canada. In total, she has stayed for about 10 months in these trips. She has not stayed for...
  9. E

    N600 interview asking for passport or any document relating to entry to US

    One of the documents asked on my interview letter ask me for that and i dont have anything but my DACA im sooo worried they will deny it due to not having a GC if thats what they mean by documents relating my entry to United States
  10. R

    N-400 processing

    Folks, I have travel plans for this summer and for the end of the year and I plan to spend about 2 weeks each time. Do you guys think I'll be good to travel both times...? How long does it take to get US passport to travel after US citizenship certificate is received? Appreciate your inputs...
  11. S

    Still No Interview Date for N-400 One Year After Biometrics

    Hi guys, I had my biometrics done last year June 10 2015 and up until now June 25 2016, I still don't have an interview date set. Is this normal? I've called the 1-800 numerous times but they haven't been any help at all. I've made at least 10 infopass appointments and they all tell me the...
  12. O

    Affidavit of support for working spouse - Marriage Greencard

    Hello, My wife is a US Citizen and she is filing for a green card for me. We have been married since March 2016. We know one of the documents we need to file is the affidavit of support. The issue is my wife is a student but I work. I make enough to satisfy the requirement for the two person...
  13. T

    Am i eligible to file form N-470?

    my situation is i have gotten my green card two year back but i had to travel back home for family and medical emergencies. I had my form 1-31 approved for the 2 years i stayed back home. Now i came back to US to stay and again some emergency came up and i have to go back probably for a year...