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    Marriage Based green card (US citizen)

    Hi, I am planning to apply for marriage based green card; my partner is US citizen. I am currently on H1B visa, but my visa will expire in few months. What should I do if my visa expires when the application is in process? Can I still stay in the US? Does this affect my application approval?
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    OCI Card: Separate booklet or stamp in passport

    Hi all, My parents (who are US Citizens) just got their OCI card. They were given a separate OCI booklet, but their American passport was NOT stamped with any OCI stamp Mu questions is: Does the OCI card come with a stamp on the US passport or is only a separate (lifetime) booklet issued...
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    Support documents for Naturalization of Spouse of U.S. Citizen

    Hi all, I am a US Permanent Resident through marriage to a US Citizen. My residence is permanent, not conditional i.e. I751 has been approved. I've been a US Permanent Resident close to 3 years and I'm planning to apply for Naturalization (after I've been Perm for more than 3 years...