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    Trump's NAFTA agenda

    Hi everyone, Im just curious what Trump's NAFTA agenda means for people under the TN Visa. Mainly the fact that he wants to withdraw from the agreement....will that affect all canadian's (in my case) and mexican's from trying to land a job in the US? How about those who are already working in...
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    Married but Out of Status - GC app now, divorce later.

    Thank you in advance for reading and all advice given! Situation: -Brazilian woman married April 2016 in Texas to US man. -Did not apply for green card immediately. -Status as B2 lapsed in December 2016. -No longer loves US man and wants eventual divorce. -Wants to stay in US. -Woman, and...
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    Can trump touch H1B visas already issued?

    His policy plan included increasing the wage requirement for H visas... could this affect visas already approved and issued in the past? what about renewal?
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    It's no secret that Donald Trump is anti-immigration and considers refugees of Muslim origin a threat to the US domestic security. But I'm wondering how much he can or will actually do: 1) Is there any chance that current asylees/refugees and asylee/refugee-turned permanent residents be...
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    k1 visa , asylum , after trump?please read and give suggestions

    i was a muslim and left islam 5 years ago and became christian, applied for asylum on that base ,as my country is very religious and i have fear of procecution... so asylum got approved, i got green card and becoming citizen in 5 months, praise the lord. problem is that my girlfriend is back...