1. bhargav03

    Apply for US visitor visa from UK

    Hi all, I'm from India currently on a student visa in the UK and want to apply for US visitor visa. I wanted to know what's the success rate if i apply from UK and any suggestions to make my profile strong before i apply for the visitor visa. Thanks in advance.
  2. mubassirpatel

    Can I apply for student visa, if later my parents want to apply for green card visa for me?

    Hello, My name is Mubassir. I am currently living in India. My sister is situated in the USA (citizen). She applied for i-130 for my parents and I am left alone in India because right now I am older than 21. So, My main concern is that can I go on a student visa and live with my parents there...
  3. C

    applying for a tourist visa

    hi ! is there any chance that we (me and my son) can visit his father in California USA ? what are the procedures/ steps that i need to do . can somebody help us . is there any chance that they can approve or allow us to go there. ?