1. V

    Nov 15 Visa - questions

    My friend and I are US citizens and want to go to a friend’s wedding in India. We need tourist visas and saw the news that they open Nov 15. We were planning to fly out on Nov 15 evening from New York. My questions are: 1. are we able to get the visa earlier on our passports but use it after...
  2. Tygo

    Can't find a visa suitable for me

    Hi there, I'm Tygo, currently living in portugal (europe), I would like to move to the United states, alone, specifically Austin Texas, not permanentely (for now) but at least 6 months minimum would be ideal. I work as an online freelancer, in video creation and media specifically, so I can't...
  3. A

    How long can I stay in Canada as a tourist? A VISA required?

    Hello, I am planning to visit Canada around February, I was wondering how long am i permitted to stay there? I hold a German passport. Do I have to apply for a VISA (similar to an ESTA) or can I just enter with my passport? I am doing a long solo travel. This is my itinerary: Thailand (1...
  4. C

    applying for a tourist visa

    hi ! is there any chance that we (me and my son) can visit his father in California USA ? what are the procedures/ steps that i need to do . can somebody help us . is there any chance that they can approve or allow us to go there. ?
  5. A

    K-1 issue

    Hello All, I am in a big dilemma. In February of this year I got engaged with a girl in India. She applied for a tourist visa in April of this year for which she was approved. In May of this year, I filed an I-129F petition. The petition was approved by USCIS California Service Center...