tn visa occupation

  1. A

    TN visa in Investment Banking

    I am looking for some advice. I have bachelor degree in civil engineering . During my undergraduate i have taken 3 courses in Microeconomics & macroeconomics & engineering economics. Also I have taken as part of my engineering program few math courses. In addition I have taken certificate...
  2. M

    Questions about TN visa

    Hello all, I have a question about applying for a TN Visa under a scientific technician. I am currently on a TN visa for a "Metallurgical Technician" for Company A. I will be accepting a job with Company B for the same position/title ("Metallurgical Technician"). I am changing companies due to...
  3. ahmad_yous


    Greetings, I am Canadian citizen currently working in the US as a civil engineer. I am came across one position name " Advisory -construction" for a business consulting firm. The description of the role is to review construction contracts, arrange site visits and provide advisory on policies to...