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    Asylee TAX

    Hello everyone!! 1. what TAXES ASYLEes have to pay ? 2. Do ASYLEES have to pay social security n medicare taxes ? Thanks
  2. L

    Tax issues on Naturalization process

    I got a green card through my husband on April 2010. I was working in my home country till August 2016. I was traveling back and forth once a year to sustain my status but finally moved to US (permanently) on December 2016. I became eligible on April 2018 and applied for naturalization right...
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    Tax clearance for traveling with a Asylee Travel document

    Hello Everyone, I'm a green card holder and just got my Asylee travel document. Inside there's some information saying I should get some kind of tax certificate before leaving the country. Has anybody traveling with this document done this?. If so, how is the process on getting that...
  4. A

    Tax problem and H1B

    I was previously on an H1B and left thinking that all my taxes were clear. However, a few years after leaving the US I found the IRS had taken some money from an account I left running in the US. With this problem will it still be possible for to get an H1B and reenter the US? Thanks.
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    Documents needed to file N600-K?

    I am a US citizen living abroad. I have a 4 month old son with a foreign father. I will try to apply for my son's naturalization using the N600-K (for citizens regularly living abroad). I don't have means to prove that I lived in the states for 5 years, so I will use my US citizen mothers time...