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    Getting ITIN for Foreign Spouse to File Tax Return

    Hi, I'm a US permanent resident since last year (DV 2020 winner) and for 2021 I need to file my tax return. Just before coming to USA, I've got married and after few months, I have applied the immigrant visa for my spouse as well (I-130). Since it's still in progress and my wife is not in the...
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    Urgent Help Needed! Spouse with Tax ID: how to file?

    Hi! I need some urgent help here, hoping someone can advise. I’m an immigrant working in the US on a work visa (O-1B). My wife (on an O-3 dependent visa) is a stay at home mom and I have 3 kids who are all US citizens. I’m moving to a new job, where I need to fill out a new W-4. My wife does not...
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    Tax issues on Naturalization process

    I got a green card through my husband on April 2010. I was working in my home country till August 2016. I was traveling back and forth once a year to sustain my status but finally moved to US (permanently) on December 2016. I became eligible on April 2018 and applied for naturalization right...
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    IRS Tax Foreign Income Exclusion 2555-EZ - eligibility

    Hi all. I am preparing to file my tax for 2017. Background: I recently became a US Permanent Resident in 2016. Activated my GC by entering the USA back in 2016 (towards the end of 2016) Then left the USA. Entered the USA again in 2017 (towards the end of the year 2017). All my income...
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    Naturalization & IRS penalty

    Hi, It's been 4 years and a half I'm a permanent resident, and I'm preparing to file the N400 form. In 2015 I forgot to report the benefit I made by selling stocks. I had to pay extra tax, plus a penalty. I'm a little confused with this point of the N400 document checklist: "If you have ever...
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    Tax paying for TN Visa

    I worked for an american enterprise headquartered in Nevada for many years and I was located in client-side in Mexico. I was paid in Mexican currency. The company got a client in Florida and my company sponsored me a TN Visa to come to work for the client. I worked four months there. Those 4...