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    H1 Visa stamping with Summary offence charge in PA!

    Hello - I hope you are doing great. I need your help and consultation about my H1 Visa Stamping. Actually I am currently in USA and planning to go to India for a visit and need to do VISA stamping. I had a Summary offense charge, non traffic citation under retail theft back in 2015 in state...
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    H1 stamping with Summary offence

    Hi - I am planning to go india for h1 stamping, i have a summary offence in retail theft in 2015 in PA. I plead guilty because in state there is no diversion program for this least offence. Please advice me is there any chance of my visa rejection? What document i require to get from police or...
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    L1 Visa in case of a withdrawn summary offense

    Hi, My friend was charged with Retail Theft. She never got arrested, fingerprinted and charges were withdrawn in first hearing. There was no social security number or other ID proof on the case sheet. He is back in India and Now his employer is filing for L1 visa again. Somehow criminal...