student visa

  1. dammyshaggs

    Urgent Help with "Your group size is larger than the current allocation" error on my VISA appointment date seeking

    Hello beautiful people, I seek your expert review and advice on what to do on the error am getting on my VISA appointment page. Initially got a late date (January 22, 2022), so I requested an emergency date which was approved within 12 hours. I...
  2. N

    Intent of Denial of Student Visa

    My daughter turned 21 last years of age in November. We applied for her change of status but the immigration sent us a letter for the intent of denial. We have been living in the country on H1B/H4 visa for more than 15 years. She is suffering from acute asthma since birth and it's very risky for...
  3. By_njiketude

    Demande de permit d'etude en attente depuis debut mars.

    bonjour, svp j'ai fais ma demande depuis debut et depuis sur le site de VSF j'ai toujours cette reponse " Votre demande de visa N ° 2 ... est en cours de traitement au Bureau des Visas du Canada à Dakar. en savoir plus, veuillez appeler le centre d'aide du CRDV ou consulter notre site internet...
  4. B

    Overstaying F-1 60 day grace period while waiting for I-485 to process

    Hi I am a US citizen who is engaged to an international student on an F-1 visa. My girlfriend graduated from school on 12/12/2019 and currently living with me in the US on her 60 day grace period which will end on 2/14/2020. We are getting married at the end of this January and we have prepared...
  5. mmanoj

    Can a Indian sole proprietor move to the USA on a F1 Visa?

    I'm currently owning a sole proprietorship in India and planning to study in the USA fall 2020. Can I still use my sole proprietorship to do business in India? I'm planning to receive payments to my current account. I'm using payment gateway like razorpay/PayPal for collecting payments. what...
  6. J


    So after completion of my last OPT, I was in language school for about 1.5 year because of personal issues. I got tired of not working, so I registered for a dog-walking app (Rover app) with my SSN number. I passed the background check and I did one dog walking (which was worth about $15) then...
  7. Z

    F1 student visa denial, pending I-130 through spouse

    Hello My spouse is a green card holder in the USA. He filed a I-130 4 months ago. I applied for F1 student visa twice and got denied for the same reason (section 214(b)). although I have strong ties in home country (family) but the officer did not want to look and listen to me she just...
  8. R

    DV winner and already in US

    My friend is on student visa in US and she is also a DV lottery winner this year. She is going to file i-485 for adjustment of status. Does anyone know if she can also file i-131 and i-765? (Anyone with the same case before?) Thanks Tina
  9. E

    Visa Procedure for Norway

    Hello!! people.. :) I am willing to enroll in Phd progarm at Norway can the lovely people on this forum help me with the requirements and duration of procedure... Eian :)
  10. H

    A.O.S for F4 category

    Hello, my question is regarding adjustment lf status for F4 category (family based) . I am on student visa and i was included in approved i-130 as a deriavative beneficiary ! As my u.s.a citizen aunt filled i-130 for my mom !our PD is sept 2004! Moreover my mom has b-2 visa too! As per new...
  11. S

    Proof of Finance for I-20

    Hi my name is Suresh and I am on H1B in US right now, I am posting this for my fiancee in India. Her Background: Bachelors of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy, 5+ years of work experience in India. She has been admitted to University of Southern California for Fall 2016 but we are in confusion to...