removing conditions

  1. Johnny829

    Remove conditions of my green card questions

    Hi guys, my conditional green card expires on 01/22/2021. I married an American citizen a few years ago and we're still married. I have a few questions. Please help out if you can. And don't feel obliged to answer all of them. Any responses are much appreciated! Thank you! 1. The earliest date...
  2. J

    Divorced before the removal of conditional green card

    Hi, I got married last Febuary 2016 and got my 2 year green card november of 2016. I entered the marriage with good faith and had a real relationship with my husband. June of 2016 i caught him cheating on me and even admitted to me that he hooked up with a girl he met online. Fast forward, we...
  3. N

    I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions documents

    Does anyone know what the normal page count of papers is to accompany an I-751 (petition to remove conditions on a 2-year green card)? My wife and I filed an I-751 last year. We received a letter back recently from USCIS saying we hadn't supplied enough documentation. Amongst other things, we...