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    Data - Asylum Admissions & Denials Lessons

    Seems, the probability of success (being granted asylum) is higher when doing it affirmatively than through the courts. I think most of us make the mistake of not finding a lawyer in the affirmative process...big mistake. Those who get lawyers, submit a mountain of evidence to the Asylum...
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    Tax clearance for traveling with a Asylee Travel document

    Hello Everyone, I'm a green card holder and just got my Asylee travel document. Inside there's some information saying I should get some kind of tax certificate before leaving the country. Has anybody traveling with this document done this?. If so, how is the process on getting that...
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    It's no secret that Donald Trump is anti-immigration and considers refugees of Muslim origin a threat to the US domestic security. But I'm wondering how much he can or will actually do: 1) Is there any chance that current asylees/refugees and asylee/refugee-turned permanent residents be...
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    I730 - join family

    My father lives in us and we approved on 25 nov 2015, our interview was in abu dubai on 18 july! The consul officer said they will give us about 3 or 4 months our visa! Is there anyone apply v92/v93 , case i730 family ?! About 4 years he lives there! It's me and my mom and i'm under 21 ! We are...
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    I-485 and I-130 country and name question for a Tibetan relative

    hello, I am applying to adjust immigration status for my mother who is Tibetan. She applied for a tourist visa using her Identity Certificate that was issued by the government of India. But her U.S. Visa states that her nationality is Chinese and that his first name in FNU (First name...