priority date

  1. G

    I140 & Priority date question

    My Perm was was filed in 2007 and my priority date is September 2007. I have an approved I-140 which wasn't revoked by my employer. I had to leave US in 2016 due to personal reasons. I quit my job and left the country in November of 2016. Just wanted to understand how long can I continue to use...
  2. A

    How to find the pending time for the cspa calculation for f4 visa

    Receipt date: November 29, 2005 Priority date: November 22, 2005 Notice date: August 28, 2009 These are the details as per the i797 form. As per my calculation the pending time is 3 years 9 months and 7 days. Am i doing it correct or not? Please someone tell me how to calculate the pending...
  3. Jdl787

    F4 visa aged out or not

    Hi members, My uncle applied for f4 visa for my dad and the priority date is April 4th, 2007 and the i-130 was approved on March 15, 2012. When I log on to ceac I don't see my name, but my parents are listed. My DOB is August 27th, 1994 and my current age is 25. I know am above the age for...
  4. H

    Approved I-140. Left USA 5 years ago. Can I port the priority date

    Hi All, I entered US in Jan 2008 and was working as Programmer Analyst till 2011 when I received my Canadian PR and I decided to move to Canada. I had approved I-140 at that time. I resigned from my job and left for Canada. If I remember correctly, my employer did revoke my I-140 as I resigned...
  5. R

    Approved I-140 with old employer now revoked. Can I rejoin the old employer and reuse PERM/I-140?

    Hello Immigration experts, I will sincerely appreciate if my question is answered. I have been between jobs, and I am wondering if I could join a previous employer and reuse the approved PERM/I-140 they had filed on my behalf previously, so I don't have to go through the process of filing a...