passport renewal

  1. B

    Passport expiry prior to i-797B expiry

    Hi all, My TN petition was approved by USCIS and I received the original I-797B form in the mail today. Unfortunately, I noticed that the expiry date on my I-797B form is well after my passport expiration. As a result, I want to renew my passport before entering the US with my TN status...
  2. J

    H1B Visa, i797 approval and Passport Expiry

    Hello, I got my i797 approved( in March 2021) for the position of Professor in CS department in an University in AR, US. Now that the travel ban is in place, my H1B application is refused for the reason I don't fall under the NIE category. In the meantime, my passport expires in May 2022...
  3. Mikaeehl

    Upload civil documents to CEAC

    Hi, all. Is it okay to upload our passport (expiring Nov 2021) in the CEAC website? We are still waiting for our passport renewal appointment here in the Philippines but we aleady wanted to submit our documents because we need to expedite our case as my sister will be turning 21 this December...
  4. R

    Should I apply for OPT when my passport has validity of less than 6 months?

    My passport is in the renewal process and has a validity of less than 6 months(Expiring in May). To apply for OPT is it mandatory to have 6 months of passport validity? My concern is if I wait for a new passport to arrive, to apply for OPT, approval will take more time given the backlog of USCIS...
  5. P

    Passport Expiration Within 6 Months Rule

    Greetings, I am in the final stages of obtaining a Green Card Immigration visa for my spouse and we live overseas. We are currently awaiting for an interview to be scheduled to get approval. My spouse's passport expires in approximately 8 months from now. The USCIS website states that...
  6. K

    Renewing passport while pending asylum

    Hello Everyone, I applied for asylum in 2016 and still waiting for the first interview. My passport was expired back in 2016 and now I want to travel to Canada. Can someone tell me if I can get the passport renewed and visit Canada for a week or so.
  7. M

    Renewing passport right before applying for asylum

    I want to renew my passport before applying for asylum because I know I shouldn’t do that afterwards and it could hurt my case. On the other hand, I need a valid passport to maintain my legal status in the US. Do you think a passport renewal right before filing for asylum is considered bad by USCIS?
  8. M

    Renewing passport while asylum is pending

    Has anyone tried to renew their passports while their asylum case is pending? Does the country of origin refuse to renew your passport because you have sought asylum?
  9. K

    Expired I-94 but valid H4 Visa stamped on passport

    Hi, I got into this situation due to some confusion and looking for help. My wife had I-94 issued until Aug 11, 2018 since her passport was expiring on the same date. She got her passport renewed but forgot about the I-94 expiration. She over stayed for 17 days from Aug 11 until Aug 28, 2018...
  10. K

    Passport due to expire just over 6 months after interview - should I renew before or after interview

    Based on my number for DV-2017, I am likely to get an interview pretty late in the process - September 2017. My passport expires on 20 May 2018. That's still definitely more than 6 months after I would enter the US following receiving my diversity visa, assuming it all works out. But I'm...
  11. H

    I'm a green card holder and wish to travel to China...

    So I just received my green card, and now would like to travel to China for short period of time 3 months. To enter China mainland, I will need a valid Chinese passport but mine is expired a long time ago after staying in the U.S. 5 years. My questions are below: Is there a way I can renew my...