oath ceremony

  1. 1

    Traffic ticket after citizenship interview

    Hi so my husband just got his appointment letter for his oath ceremony and then got traffic ticket (drove across hazard marking) he mailed the ticket back to court but it's not in the system yet and we don't have date for court and his oath ceremony in two weeks. On form N-445 question number 4...
  2. C

    Rescheduling the Oath ceremony

    Hi All, My oath ceremony is scheduled for the 27th of Feb, but I have a trip planned to UK on the 26th of Feb which was planned even before my interview. I will be away for 3 days and will be returning to USA on the 1st of March. I read that I can reschedule the oath ceremony by submitting a...
  3. cendyouo

    N-400 name change Question in North California

    According to Uscis, we can request a judicial ceremony since we fill up the name change in N-400. My oath doesn’t have a judge. How can we request a judicial ceremony, since I fill up the name change in N-400? Is there a fee for that? (USCIS put me in the ceremony that doesn’t have a judge)...
  4. C

    Arrested after the citizenship interview but before oath ceremony.

    I received a letter of invitation from USCIS for the Oath Ceremony. Unfortunately, I got arrested right after for criminal charges which the process may take a year to be dismissed. What are the chances that they let me do the oath? What are the chances that they take my GC and deny my...
  5. J

    Bizarre incident at the oath ceremony

    I was scheduled for an Oath ceremony at the Irving, TX center ( Judicial ceremony due to a name change). I came in early and successfully completed the check in and the rest of the paperwork and was seated for the Judge to arrive. Just before the ceremony started, an officer called my name and...
  6. A

    N-400 Had Interview. Question on form n-652

    Hello. Had my interview today and I passed. Officer gave me the form n-652 with congratulations marked. I’m waiting to get my ceremony letter in the mail. My question is, once I left the interview I noticed that my name changed online (uscis account) to two last name. In Mexico I had two last...