naturalization certificate

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    N600 after US passport, for my minor kids

    I and my wife are US naturalized citizens. We applied for US passports for our kids ( 12 , 14 years) and they were issued . The passport agency kept the kids' Green Cards. We did not receive any letter from US passport office , stating they are retaining the GC. US passport office...
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    N565 case!!!!! Visiting Mexico

    Hi, my parent has an open case for replacing his naturalization/citizenship document. He didn't attend his interview therefore he doesn't have a replacement. He can't get his visa because of that but he is traveling to Mexico. What can he do in the meantime to show he is a citizen of this country?
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    Mother refusing to give certificate of naturalization, passport and other documents

    Hello, I am in a situation where my fiance's mother is refusing to give him documents that belong to him. She adopted him in 2007 when he was 9 years old. He is 23 now. He is a naturalized citizen. Him and I are supposed to get married in a month and she just sent him an email saying that he...
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    Naturalization Certificate as a Child, Grown up now

    I got my Certificate of Naturalization when I was 16. Now I'm 48, taller, fatter, and with grey hair. When I show the certificate I never have a problem even though I don't look much like the picture. Has anyone had any age related issues because of a certificate with a picture of you as a...
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    Help!! Upcoming interview and can't find naturalization certificate!!

    Hi all, My husband and I are having our marriage-based adjustment of status interview this Wednesday, and I'm petitioning him as a US citizen. Thing is, I wasn't born in the US, I'm naturalized. We submitted a copy of my naturalization certificate along with a copy of my passport for my...