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    N-400 or N-600?

    Hello everyone. I would like to explain to you an unusual case of mine. I was born abroad in July 1997. In January 2015, my stepmother, who is an American citizen since 2005, has applied for my permanent resident (when I was 17 years old) and my father was not a U.S. citizen yet. My father...
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    N600 Application - Processing Times

    Hi I received the "placed in line for oath ceremony" message in early June 2017, but have not yet received a notice with the date of my ceremony. Every time I put in a request with the field office I am told to expect a reply by a certain date but never receive a reply. Has this happened to...
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    Obtaining passport through father and grandparents

    Hi everyone, Unlike most people here, I'm trying to apply for an American passport as an adult. My situation is slightly more complicated because my American father grew up overseas and now lives in Australia. It's therefore near impossible for me to fulfill the requirement for 5 years in the US...
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    Naturalized Mother (1986) who never applied or sent certificate request for biological child (ME)

    My situation: I came to USA and was raised, grew up in California. My biological mother and I originated from the Philippines were I was born. My mother met my (then) stepfather who was in the US Navy military and at some point they married in the Philippines and later remarried in USA after...
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    Laws in effect N-600 regarding custody

    Am I eligible to apply for derived citizenship using laws that were in place in 1987 when I turned 18? My main concern is whether i meet the condition of legal custody while my naturalized father had joint and legal custody of me before I turned 18. 1) I had my green card more than 5 years...