marriage green card

  1. M

    Marriage and form filing process

    Hi Rajiv, My fiancé and I are going to have our wedding end of this year. He is on H1B and his I-140 has been approved and been over 180 days. I’m a US citizen and have OCI. Hoping to see if you can guide on some questions we wanted to confirm on: I understand that after marriage he would...
  2. unitedkpen

    Can B1B2 Visitor Visa Holder marry a person who has been waiting for her asylum interview in USA but already got her work permit and SSN

    I am a Permanent Resident of Canada (Other Country Passport Holder) living in British Columbia, Canada. My girlfriend has been waiting for her asylum interview in USA (State: North Carolina) but she already got her work permit and SSN Here are some questions Regarding Our Case: Can I go to the...
  3. F1visaMBGC

    Applying for AOS of my wife

    Was looking on some advice for what is going on in the world of USCIS since calling them or checking their website for updates is a pretty horrible user experience. My wife and I (usc) are in the process of applying for an AOS since we got married in August of 2020. We ended up getting all...
  4. L

    Marriage Based green card (US citizen)

    Hi, I am planning to apply for marriage based green card; my partner is US citizen. I am currently on H1B visa, but my visa will expire in few months. What should I do if my visa expires when the application is in process? Can I still stay in the US? Does this affect my application approval?
  5. P

    Dating but how do we get married?

    Hello there! My boyfriend and I are in a bit of a situation.. He's been living in the US for 7 years (5 years under the F1 visa) and we have been dating for 6 years now. He graduated from a US university and has been working for a US company while under the OPT stem extension. Problem? His...
  6. Ruppal

    EAD through OPT expiring in May 2020, filed for marriage based visa

    I filed for marriage based visa for my spouse in March 2020. Her EAD through OPT is expiring in May 2020. I am wondering how to ensure their is no gap in employment or how to ensure she is not let go. I have read that employers can let them be at leave until new cards arrive or read that you can...
  7. D

    Marriage to a GC holder(F2A category) and over the age of 21.

    Hello, I got my GC through Family sponsorship(F2A category). I am legally an adult now(23 years old). My parents are looking to get me married and are worried if my marriage to someone abroad will affect my GC status and if not what will be the easiest way to sponsor GC for my future husband to...
  8. X

    Clarifications regarding my marriage visa

    Hello to all, I would like to receive advice on my situation. I will get married in January, I am an Italian citizen and my girlfriend is an American citizen. We want to get married in the United States in January, but we are very confused about the procedure to follow. My idea was to go to...
  9. meetcute

    I-485 denied due to miss 864 form please help

    I got a letter Notice of decision from uscis, It ask me to submit 290B to remotion it appeal, I choose to remotion. Do I need submit 485 together with 290B or submit only 864 with 290B!
  10. I

    RFE on H1B extension. Can I get married if H1B extension denied?

    Hello everybody. Here is my current situation. I am currently on H1B and it's until Sep 09, 2019 and that's when my I-94 expires too. I have applied for H1B extension but received an RFE for specialty occupation. I am currently working on getting the documents for the RFE such as Expert opinion...
  11. S

    Green card for marriage

    Hi there, I’m simran, and i’m Indonesia citizen that going to marry green card holder I would you like to ask a few questions about requirements for get greencard through marriage. Does he able to bring me to us and sponsor me? If yes, what are the documents needed to be prepared by me to doing...
  12. Allproblemsdie

    N-400. Divorce right after GC. Am I in trouble?

    My ex husband helped me get a GC through filing a I-601 for waiver of inadmissibility based on extreme hardship. He was deployed to the Middle East. I received my GC in 2013 around March/April and then he filed for divorce in May. Our marriage was true and we have a daughter together. I had my...
  13. jaytee404

    I'm I in removal processing?

    Hi, I moved to the U.S in dec 2010 as an F-1 student. I met my now husband summer of 2013 and we married in October of 2015. We decided to adjust my status and applied in September of 2016, had our interview in September 2017. Our interview went well, though my husband made a few mistakes such...
  14. M

    Changing name when married before or after change of status / Green Card application

    Hi there, I am currently in the US on an E3 temporary visa (valid until May 2020) however met, fell in love and am now engaged to an American citizen. We are about to apply for a marriage license and get married in 2 months and figured it would be easier to simply apply for a change of status...
  15. meetcute

    asylee pending apply marriage green card

    I'm trying to fill i-485, The checklist need i-94, but when i searched online it says no record. What should I do? I came here with B1, I still have passport, Will it affect me to apply green card? 2017 I logined to the wesbite, I could download i-94, I don't know why now I can't get any...
  16. S

    newly wed woman needs help with Citizenship

    Greetings A friend of mine wanted me to post this question for her. She is here in the States through her husband. Even though they are newly wed, she is being mistreated, but she is afraid of losing her chance to stay if she says anything. Her husband did all of her immigration application...
  17. K

    Marriage Cross Charging DV2019

    Hi there, I'm Irish and entered the DV2019 as a single applicant. I'm in a long term relationship (5 years) with a UK citizen who went to University in America (and would be keen to move back). IF (long shot but still trying to get my ducks in a row..) successful in the DV lottery & we got...
  18. Q

    when to quit language school when I-765 and I-485 are being processed?

    I am a permanent resident. My wife is F1 student, still going to language school to keep her status. I-130 accepted a while ago..We submitted I765 and I485 concurrently a couple of months ago.. She gave fingerprint 20 days ago, and we are waiting to hear or receive work permit etc.. My question...
  19. N

    Name change after marriage and Green Card

    Hi. It's my first time here and I've been browsing and searching for the answer on different post but couldn't seem to find one. I am an international student, F1 visa already expired but still here legally on my OPT ( 12 months working visa after college). Working at Wells Fargo now but my OPT...
  20. M

    Not renewed the I-94, can it be an issue on the I-485 interview?

    The B2 visa holder married with US citizen. Applied concurrently for I-130/I-485 AOS for marriage on November 8, 2016. The I-94 expired 12/26/2016. Invited for the i-485 interview in the end of February 2017. Is this ok she did not apply to renew her I-94 before it was expired? Thanks in advance.