1. G

    DV260 PROCESSING - Number elegible since January

    Hello world, I'm waiting for the KCC interview email. I'm in europe with a CN close to 10.000, elebible for the interview since January 2023. I've sent the DV 260 only in September 2022 and I have not received anything yet from KCC. Can I write an email to the KCC asking them to review my...
  2. Moe2001

    Complicated case

    Hello everyone, I’m a DV 2022 winner my case number is in 17k I’m from Asia (Jordan) married with 4 kids now but one was born recently (all 4 kids are U.S citizens). I’m currently in the U.S on a student visa F1. My wife and the kids are in Jordan (for work purposes). My wife has a valid...
  3. A

    sending support documents after unlock ds-260

    Hello KCC sent me an email asking me to submit the supporting documents, after that I sent them an email to unlock my DS-260 for a minor issue. Today, the DS-260 was unlocked and I completed the changes. I'm wondering if I should wait for KCC to send me another email asking for supporting...
  4. C

    DV-2022 and Estranged Children

    Hi all, me and my husband are going to be applying for this year’s DV Lottery. He has an estranged 5 year old daughter that he doesn’t see but pays child support for(proven by DNA test). He is not listed on the birth certificate and the mother allows no contact at all. Do we have to include her...
  5. T

    Any 2021 participants from T&T?

    Or even from previous years. I think it'll be great to have a thread helping each other with the process since it seems like there isnt much information available specific to T&T and getting out of T&T is of high priotity. I'm trying to compile information like which doctor do you go to for you...
  6. D

    DV 2020 Nepal winners

    Thread for DV 2020 Nepal winners to discuss the consulate and AOS process, talk about the documents we need and where to get them (eg police report and medical), and to help each other out
  7. R

    Please help me i made a big mistake

    hi You've submitted to the immigration lottery today But I made mistakes and forgot to put my last name my full name - Rahaf Mazen Ahmad Mjjdi in last name i enter just = ahmad and i never enter my last name ( Mjjdi ) Can I apply again? And if it can't be modified, is this a big problem if I win
  8. M

    Help about the highest level of education - dv lottery visas

    Hello folks :) Well, i am from Morocco and i was about to submit the dv lottery application untill i saw something. Normally the level that is best match to me is the "Vocational School". Because after i had completed 12 years of education, i went to a vocational school and after 2 years i got...
  9. S

    green card through marriage or lottery

    Hello, I won the lottery for 2017. and my case number is really good. I'm going to marry and my fiance is citizen. Now I don't know which one is better to apply. the only difference I know is that through marriage after 3 years I can be citizen but by lottery after 5 years. Which one is...
  10. V

    Pls help H1b from Japan for Indian

    Dear All I am currently in Japan from my company in India and I am an employee of the Japan Branch of my company.I have an engineer status visa in Japan for 5 years.I hold an Indian passport. Is it possible for me to attend the H1B visa interview in the American consulate of Japan. Are there...
  11. L

    Concerned Applicant. Is this a legit site??

    Hi All I am concerned I have applied through a false site. I used and now I am unsure how to check if my entry has ACTUALLY been made. I'm from Australia and couldn't find an email to contact someone on USA Gov website. Does anyone know if this site is legit, or know how I can...
  12. S

    F-1 selected for DV Lottery 2017

    Hi there, I'm an F-1 from Morocco and I've got selected for DV lottery 2017. Case Number: AF3XXX. (I'm already in the united states) I really need help. It's an awesome opportunity that I do not want to loose. I don't really know what do I have to do. Should I hire a lawyer ? I would like to...
  13. Yinbil

    DV 2017 Selectees from Ghana

    Today being the Final day, I thought I should start this thread for all Selectees from Ghana to interact and be abreast with info regarding DV 2017. Let's get talking