1. S

    Can we change jobs after applied/received J1 waiver?

    Hello all, Have scenario like this and appreciate your inputs on this based on practical things you saw. 1. Get NO OBJECTION certificate from my Indian government 2. Apply to Indian Embassy to get waiver using that certificate 3. Apply to Dept. of Labor US I am on the way to apply my J1...
  2. N

    Does job ad need to be reposted?

    Hi all, I'm just starting to look into the PERM process and I'm confused by the first couple of steps. It says the prevailing wage determination comes first, then the recruitment. But if I (an overseas candidate) was offered the job following a normal recruitment process -- where the company...
  3. A

    Finding a job as an engineer before moving

    Hi there! I am from Turkey and got selected on DV2018, my case number is 2018EU00022XXX. Looking at the historical visa bulletin numbers I believe my visa interview is going to be in next spring, hopefully (fingers crossed!!) Although I have plenty of time, I can't help myself thinking about...
  4. Samedi21

    I'm french and I want to move to Canada

    I want to move to Canada where french speaking people are wanted but how can I do that?It seems so difficult whereas here we are told it was easier for french speaking citizen. I worked for years in the US as a french nanny/teacher and I would like to find a position in the same field.
  5. M

    How to start looking for employment options in USA/Canada from India - Non - IT field

    Hi , I am a senior managing director in India of an established company. It is in the field of Power generation , sales, engineering and maintenance. We deal with Kohler generators. I have 15 years years of experience I am looking for opportunities in the USA or Canada. I would like to know...
  6. A

    Might be offered a new job while waiting for interview. How do I approach this at interview?

    I'm freelancing, so that is what I have listed on my N-400 as most recent employment, as well as other past jobs. I've been in immigration limbo for the past few months and have started looking for more stable income. I have a few job interviews and theres a possibility I could be offered a...