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    J1 waiver pending with Department of State (Dos) and pending I-485 application. Can I use the EAD? Urgent help needed!

    Hi Everyone, Right now I am working as a Post-doctoral researcher in J1 visa. I am also a dependent applicant for EB1B category GC. I have a very specific situation and I want your opinion. I have submitted my final stage of J1 waiver application to DOS on 24th July, 2021. And without further...
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    J1 waiver needed or not

    Respected forum members, I was in US from Dec 19 to Mar 20 on J1-Cultural Exchange Program stamped with 2 year mandatory home stay. Now, I’m back to India, and the University in US is asking me to come back on a new J1. Do I need a waiver if I apply for a new J1 visa? I couldn’t find a solid...
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    Can I apply for a J1 waiver before a new J1 visa is issued?

    Hello, My situation is the following: I have been in the US on two J1 visas: the first one (06-2017/09-2017) was subject to the two-year rule, the second one (Aug-2018/Aug-2020) is not. My current J1 expires at the end of August 2020. I need to apply for a J1 waiver for the first J1 visa...
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    Hunted by J1 history, will I get denied by I-485

    I was aupair 7 years ago. got a 2-year restriction on my visa but not on DS2019. It was left empty. I changed my status to student visa afterward (went back to China to switch my status), then, I went abck to U.S for school for 6 years. Now I got married and waiting for my I-485 approved. During...
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    H1B approved while waiver application pending with DOS. Will visa stamping be an issue?

    Hi, I came to US on J-1 for a semester and went back to my home country and stayed there for about 15 months. Then I came back to US on F-1 for my Masters and after finishing studies started working on OPT. I applied for waiver this year with DOS and my application is still pending as they are...
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    Timing of J1 waiver approval AFTER H1B

    I had a J1 waiver application via Conrad 30 submitted in February to USCIS after dos approval. H1B application was submitted after that and was just approved now with change of status via premium processing. My I-612 is however still pending. Has anyone had his happen? If so, how long after H1b...