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    DV qualified passport but unqualified country of birth

    Hello I am hoping someone can answer my question please. I was born in India, moved to France when I was a teenager so i have a French passport and currently living in UK, i do not hold any other nationality e.g. British I would like to apply for the green card lottery but India is not...
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    Options to apply green card for parents and brother

    Hi, I am 26 year old US Citizen, My parents and my brother (birth date: Aug 1995 and unmarried) live in India. Haven't applied for their Green Card yet. My parents don't want to immigrate to the states because they have a family business. But, they want me to apply for my bother's green card...
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    US Citizen sponsoring H1B spouse for Green card

    My fiancee: - Currently on H1B - Not yet stamped from her home country India - Have got a good job with no problems (touchwood) Court wedding: - Can do it any day in next week Official Indian wedding with big number of guests: - Planning to do it in July (essentially 110 days from now)...
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    M-1 to f-1

    i have applied to 3 universities for spring 2017, probably will get from all of three, bt problem is i have already completed my vocation study in MIS and took opt for 3 months then after m planing to pursue my master in same stream which is MIS , so i am going back to india to change my status...
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    Pls help H1b from Japan for Indian

    Dear All I am currently in Japan from my company in India and I am an employee of the Japan Branch of my company.I have an engineer status visa in Japan for 5 years.I hold an Indian passport. Is it possible for me to attend the H1B visa interview in the American consulate of Japan. Are there...