1. D

    Interesting case that went from a FB2 to an F1, to an F3, and then I-130 was denied.

    I have a peculiar case where my family is stuck and would very much appreciate some feedback from this forum. The timelines. 1. - Father - Permanent Resident submits I-130 for his daughter who lives in Mexico, in February of 2001. 2. - Daughter is 23, and not legally married at the time the...
  2. F

    We are looking for a private sponsor.

    First of all, I apologize for my bad english. I hope I've posted the issue in the right place. Hello dear authorities. I live in Turkey. I will marry soon. Probably in January. We decided that we could not live in our country due to both political and family reasons. At the same time...
  3. eeffan

    I was charged for shoplifting in 2022 in New Jersey however it was amended to improper behavior, any immigration issues?

    Hi All, I was charged with shoplifting offense in New Jersey however my case was amended to municipal ordinance (76-2 improper behavior), I was not arrested nor finger printed. I did pleaded guilty to improper behavior, will it have any impact on my visa or in future when I go for visa stamping...
  4. T

    How is 2yhrr calculated?

    I had 212e 2yhrr starting Aug 2019 (3 years ago) and I went back to my home country. During COVID I lived in Turkey on and off as I was working remotely. Now I have a clear path to immigration as my partner is a US citizen and we are ready to get married. My question is I did the rough...
  5. A

    Second Master Hearing

    Hello, I had my first master hearing back in 2019 and was given time to find an attorney because I didn't have one back then. My second master hearing was pushed due to coronavirus and unfortunately I still have not found an attorney and my second master hearing is coming up. What are the...
  6. Tygo

    Can't find a visa suitable for me

    Hi there, I'm Tygo, currently living in portugal (europe), I would like to move to the United states, alone, specifically Austin Texas, not permanentely (for now) but at least 6 months minimum would be ideal. I work as an online freelancer, in video creation and media specifically, so I can't...
  7. B


    I am currently in US with a green card. I am currently engaged to my fiancee (she is still abroad with no US status) and once we get married I am planning to get her here, it takes around 2 years I think for her to get the visa. Recently one of my friend (with family of 3) won a lottery for...
  8. Nikhil Saxena

    What are the top law firms in NYC?

    What are the top law firms in NYC?
  9. C

    DV-2022 and Estranged Children

    Hi all, me and my husband are going to be applying for this year’s DV Lottery. He has an estranged 5 year old daughter that he doesn’t see but pays child support for(proven by DNA test). He is not listed on the birth certificate and the mother allows no contact at all. Do we have to include her...
  10. C

    Will I be okay leaving the country and bringing an updated i864 to the interview?

    I filed an i-130 to petition for my husband (who is in Mexico) and I have already submitted the documentation to the NVC, we’re just waiting on our interview date now. When I filled out the i864 I used my salary and did not include a joint sponsor. My husband and I are contemplating the idea of...
  11. Nalvarez1995

    Asylum Granted

    Good morning. I work in a immigration law office we have never had an affirmative asylum case granted, they are always referred to court and after a good defense they have been approved. I would like to know if people who have had approved affirmative asylums can send me samples or examples...
  12. A2WConsultants

    Why one should immigrate to Australia?

    Australia has been a high desire considering that lengthy for the skilled and talented human beings inclined to stay, paintings settle permanently in an advanced united states of america. It is one of the kingdom to immigrate to bases on different factors. There are few key reasons to Australia...
  13. mmanoj

    Can a Indian sole proprietor move to the USA on a F1 Visa?

    I'm currently owning a sole proprietorship in India and planning to study in the USA fall 2020. Can I still use my sole proprietorship to do business in India? I'm planning to receive payments to my current account. I'm using payment gateway like razorpay/PayPal for collecting payments. what...
  14. A

    HELP with CSPA in F4 category

    Hi, I'm a Pakistani national currently 26 years old. My uncle is US national, he filed visa petition for my dad back in 2006 which got accepted in 2007. In this petition my dad is the principle applicant and my mum, sister and me are accompanying him. After the acceptance we heard nothing for 14...
  15. A

    immigration(dv lottery /asylum) lawyers

    Im looking for a suggestion on an experienced immigration( dv lottery and asylum) lawyers. there are so many lawyers, that its hard to find out which one is good. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.
  16. M

    Eb3 skilled or Eb3unskilled visa

    Guys I am contemplating in between choosing between Eb3skilled or Eb3 unskilled visa to immigrate to USA. So am a graduate of history and international studies graduate but I haven't had any work experience in my field since I graduated because the job I had didn't relate to the course I...
  17. K

    Need help! USC sponsored husband but..

    My husband and I got married summer of 2017 and I had sponsored him. We welcomed a baby girl this summer and have not heard back from immigration. We are in the process of seeking another attorney as our current lawyer is not returning calls/ incompetent. We have now fallen on hard times as I...
  18. Cocorea

    TN Status for Management Consultant

    When asking Lawyers to look over my TN Management Consultant documents, once I tell them I was denied once, they automatically start saying I need a proper case because it will be harder to approve and that I need "full representation" They all have tried to charge me anywhere from $750, $2,000...
  19. immigration-ways

    Canada Business and Investment Immigration

    Canada offers the most settled and generally utilized venture based migration programs giving changeless inhabitant status. Canada Business and Venture Movement Diagram The Canadian confederation arrangement of government and the nation's social standards offer an "European option" to the...
  20. C

    Canadian Citizen Married to USA Citizen, Returning to USA Questions

    Well here is my story: I went to the USA in September, 2016 I traveled by land I told the USA Border I was going to a friends wedding which i attended I then went to meet a boyfriend I had been seeing online for quite sometime feel in love with him talked to a lawyer asking if I could get...