1. M

    Lost passport with i-94 in it while outside of US but still have combo card

    Hi I am currently waiting for my interview for green card and have a combo card. I am currently visiting family in Canada and have lost my passport. I just ordered a new one and will be getting it in 10 days. I still have my combo card in my possession. My question is will I be able to return to...
  2. I


    Hello guys, Let me tell what happen I'm a Mexican Citizen working with a TN Visa, I found a new job and didn't want it to do all the process of the Visa in the consulate. So I came to the border of Tijuana and request to the CBP officer that I want it to add a concurrent employer. I pay for...
  3. meetcute

    asylee pending apply marriage green card

    I'm trying to fill i-485, The checklist need i-94, but when i searched online it says no record. What should I do? I came here with B1, I still have passport, Will it affect me to apply green card? 2017 I logined to the wesbite, I could download i-94, I don't know why now I can't get any...
  4. U

    Online I-94 does not reflect the latest I-94 received with approved I-797? Which I-94 is valid?

    I entered USA in mid 2017 (on H1B). The I-94 I received at that time had an admit until date of 08/28/2018. However, I applied for a H1B transfer in late 2017 and got an approved I-797 with a new I-94. The new I-94 I-94 says "VALID FROM 11/20/2017 UNTIL 11/29/2020". Also, I recently applied for...
  5. R

    H4 - I-94 expired overstay. What to do?

    My H1-B was approved in 2013 and I got a visa for 1 year till 12/22/2014 and I traveled alone to USA. I got my family’s stamping done on on 09/15/2014 which was till 12/22/2014 but then they could not travel. Then I got my H1-B extended till 12/22/2017. I had my family go for stamping again on...
  6. M

    Not renewed the I-94, can it be an issue on the I-485 interview?

    The B2 visa holder married with US citizen. Applied concurrently for I-130/I-485 AOS for marriage on November 8, 2016. The I-94 expired 12/26/2016. Invited for the i-485 interview in the end of February 2017. Is this ok she did not apply to renew her I-94 before it was expired? Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    I-94 and SSN timeline for DV2017

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post, so please forgive me if I made any mistakes in posting these questions. I and my family got our visas last December and we arrived at JFK airport on Sunday evening. We went to Social Security Administration today to see if we can apply for SSN card, but the...
  8. D

    [PLEASE HELP] My dependents' Visa changed from TD to B2

    Hi guys, Please help me! I don't know what to do now. I'm currently on TN-1 (Canadian) working in US. When I first moved to US with my wife and son in March 2016, they were admitted with TD (They are both Canadian). My wife and son visited Canada for a week in October 2016 and came back. I...
  9. L

    TN visa expire expiring 2016, TN visa status till 2018

    Hi, Last year I applied and was granted a TN visa as a Mexican citizen . The visa stamp on my passport expires by the end of July 2016 but the annotations on my visa state that the status is valid from August 2015 to August 2018 (dates stated on my letter of employment presented at the...