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    3 year H1b when PD current ?

    My I-140 is with EmployerA. EmployerB has NOT started GC process yet as am outside US. However, my PD already become current recently. Q1: I am concerned that I have JUST 1 year to file for I-485 or loose my PD forever. [ INA 203(g) revoking I-140 ] Q2: Can I get a cap exempt H1-B if I-140 is...
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    H4 for newborn child

    Hi, With current executive order on visa ban is there a way i can get h4 visa or any other visa for my newborn baby born in india this month? Husband,self& elder son have h1b,h4&h4 valid visa respectively.Due to covid travel ban i got stucked here in india with kid and husband still in usa n...