h1b application

  1. skumar

    H1B Approved with Consular Processing? Can i transfer with new Employer before going for consular Processing?

    Hi Rajiv Sir, I am working for Employer X on L1 visa. My H1B got approved with Consular Processing from Employer Y(with 3yrs 2021-24). Can i request to transfer my H1 from Employer Y to Employer X? If yes then what are the supported documents needed from Employer Y? My Follow-up Question on...
  2. R

    H1B 2nd lottery start date confusion

    My H1B was selected in FY2022 2nd lottery. I have questions about the start date. On Uscis website they say the start date can be oct1st or upto 6 month later from the petition receipt date. This was newly added FAQ on august 26th on their website. I am wondering if I can put a start date say...
  3. redbluegreen

    What to ask an employer that is offering TN?

    Hi Guys, I'm from Mexico, and a US employer (large company) is offering me work under TN status. I know they are willing to move to H1B or push for GC in the future based on feedback from other employees with the company. My question is, during the negotiation period, what should I ask, and...
  4. Calgarykings

    Travel during TN1 to H1B in Process

    My company is initiating H1B process for me. Currently I am on TN1 status with family on TD. Does starting the H1B process has any effects on me and my family travelling outside of USA? My TN1/TD are valid untill 2021. Can we be denied entry while returning back to US while app is in process?
  5. H

    H1B approved while waiver application pending with DOS. Will visa stamping be an issue?

    Hi, I came to US on J-1 for a semester and went back to my home country and stayed there for about 15 months. Then I came back to US on F-1 for my Masters and after finishing studies started working on OPT. I applied for waiver this year with DOS and my application is still pending as they are...
  6. H

    H1b picked but laid off and have a new employer.

    Hello, My h1b was picked in the lottery this year, However, I have now been laid off. My employer has agreed to not withdraw the petition provided I reimburse them. I have a new employer, but my h1b visa is still pending approval. Is it possible for me to initiate a transfer process once the...
  7. S

    H1B visa filling

    So my lawyer has given me two options for the filling of H1b Status one is through Change of status and another one is Initial petition. I searched about it and found that with Initial petition I don't have any travel restrictions additionally I will be paying fewer taxes as my H1B won't be...