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  1. Maria Mae

    K-2 Visa Waitig for Adjustment of Status

    Hello I'm new here to the forum, I'm a k-2 visa and waiting for green card. And once I get my green card I want to study in the Philippines (for college) not here in the USA, what are the possible things I can do to reenter USA because college is 4 years. And how long can I obtain my green card?
  2. M

    Visa revocation

    My visa revoked at the border - 22 cfr 41 122 e 3, and I was promptly sent back home. I am wondering whether I could apply for a green card (my son and my stepdad are citizens, my mom and sister have green cards. I am arnd 30y/o. I was just going to visit them and they revoked my visa. Is there...