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    Green card holder - Study Abroad

    Hi everyone, I just got my green card (August, 2018) it lasts for two years until I do the renewal close to the expiration. Now, I am looking to study abroad for less than a year in Spain. My program starts September 2019 until June 2020. I wonder if this is doable, coming back to the US with...
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    Re-Entry permit and 10 Year Green Card Expiry

    I am about to return to the USA to apply for my 2nd Re-Entry Permit (hoping it is approved for 2 years). However, my Green Card (10 year) expires in Dec 2019, for which I will have to return to the States to reapply for a new one. My questions are, if I have a valid Re-Entry permit in Dec 2019-...
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    I-131 Expiring, want to renew, but cannot make it to the States in time

    Hi, I am in a very stressful position right now, I have a valid I-131 (my first ever) that expires late September 2018, the plan was to go back to the States and reapply for my second I-131 before the current one expires, however I do not have money nor am I actually able to get time away from...
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    Can I leave the country for short time during removal proceedings under these circumstances?

    I am green card holder since Jan 2012. I have done my Master's at USC, CA (2011-13) and worked at Intel Corporation (2013-15). Since then I moved to India and have been maintaining my green card by visiting USA every 5 months. After getting married in Mar 2017, I filed for petition I130 for my...