green card base on asylum

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    Travelling to India without green card on Refugee Travel Document (RTD)

    I am a Bangladeshi Citizen, My asylum case got approved April 2022. I applied for Refugee Travel Document immediately. After I receive my RTD, can I apply for Indian tourist visa? Does India gives tourist vis on RTD ?(Please share experience on travelling to RTD )Would you suggest to travel to...
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    "Re-entry Permit" or "Refugee Travel Document" for Green Card holder based on Approved Asylum?

    Hello my friends, I have a green card based on approved asylum, I got my green card two months ago. If I want to travel outside US (of course not to the country of persecutions), is it better to apply for "Re-entry Permit (REP)" or for "Refugee Travel Document (RTD)"? I know the RTD is valid...
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    I-589 form; Got EAD, been 6 years still waiting for interview

    Moved to the USA 2016 June, I have my EAD and all and filled under a political asylum. Its been around 6 years and I still haven't gotten any mail or update for an interview. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Any advice you guys can give me to keep on looking around. New York
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    Apply for my daughter's green card how long it take?

    Apply for my daughter's green card . She is over 21, unmarried. She is in my country. Is there any one has experience how long it will take? And Is there any way that I can bring her here? I got my green card based on asylum.