1. P

    DV qualified passport but unqualified country of birth

    Hello I am hoping someone can answer my question please. I was born in India, moved to France when I was a teenager so i have a French passport and currently living in UK, i do not hold any other nationality e.g. British I would like to apply for the green card lottery but India is not...
  2. Samedi21

    I'm french and I want to move to Canada

    I want to move to Canada where french speaking people are wanted but how can I do that?It seems so difficult whereas here we are told it was easier for french speaking citizen. I worked for years in the US as a french nanny/teacher and I would like to find a position in the same field.
  3. Samedi21

    I nee

    Hello! I need help with my problem,I am a French citizen and 15 yrs ago I overstayed my au pair visa for 10yrs,I loved NYC so much that I wanted to stay. I had a valid SS number , I was paying taxes and I had a valid driving licence from MD and I have a bank account,I was earning a good living...