f4 visa

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    When should I pay the AOS and IV fees

    I belong to the F4 category visa. I have received the NVC case creation email on February 8,2021 with nvc case number and invoice id. Should i pay the fees within 1 year from the date that i received the email(i.e. February 8,2022). Or will NVC contact me again to start paying the fees?
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    F3 vs F4 india Green card category selection

    Hello All, Posting for the first time. I recently got my citizen while my mom is expected to get her citizen by end of 2022. I wanted to know considering the annual visa's allotted, India backlog and movement in priority date which category should we consider for filing petition for my brother...
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    Need Help - India F4 CSPA "Seek to Acquire"

    Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well. I have what I feel a very unique situation and would very much appreciate an expert advice. I filed an I-130 petition for my sister. Priority Date: Dec 19, 2004 I-130 Receipt Notice: Jan 03, 2005 I-130 Approval Notice: Oct 27, 2010...
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    Citizen Sponsoring Sibling And Possibly Applying For Student/H1B Visa

    I recently became a citizen of US (came to US on basis of marriage). My husband has been a naturalized citizen for well over 10 years. I want to file I-130 for my parents and my brother (turned 21 few months ago). My understanding is that parents can be here within a year if everything goes as...