1. S

    EAD card recieved but couldn't graduate

    Hello sir/madam, I'm an F1 visa masters student and I have completed all courses for my masters but failed to file an intent to graduate. I have been told that I couldn't graduate this fall semester 2019. I have to take at least 1 course to complete my graduation next semester which is gonna...
  2. anonymous420

    OPT employer reporting questions

    Hello, I have two questions related to my OPT employer reporting. I would appreciate any advice. 1. I already had an EAD card through my TPS (for Nepal), and therefore I started working long before I received my OPT approval. Since that EAD card expires in a few months, and I also want to...
  3. S

    Delayed OPT application

    My brother completed his MS in Electrical Engineering from a reputed California university. After his completion of degree, he had to leave USA for family emergency. He never applied for OPT. He left USA in Jan, 2018. Since he has never filed for OPT, can he apply for OPT now? He still has F1...
  4. A

    Can a F1 student in USA who is on OPT work on W2 (full-time) and also work as a freelancer (sub-contractor) and give invoices?

    I am currently on F1 visa on OPT. I am currently working as a full-time (40 hours) employee (not a consultant). I am on company's direct W2. I have got another opportunity to work as a part-time sub-contractor (about 12-15 hours per week) in my field of education (STEM). The part-time employer...