1. H

    Acquiring F-1 visa while I-485 petition is pending.

    Hi. I have to apply for my F-1 visa in a few months, as I have to enter the US for studying in the fall of 2021. My uncle is a Legal US citizen and has applied for the I-485 petition long back, and it has around 2-3 years remaining. I might turn 21 before the petition is over. I am not sure if...
  2. anonymous420

    OPT employer reporting questions

    Hello, I have two questions related to my OPT employer reporting. I would appreciate any advice. 1. I already had an EAD card through my TPS (for Nepal), and therefore I started working long before I received my OPT approval. Since that EAD card expires in a few months, and I also want to...
  3. D

    Expedited processing request on F-1 under emergency

    Hi, My class is starting very soon but I am still waiting on getting an approval on for my F-1 application from USCIS. Can I request expedited processing under emergency clause since my class is starting very soon and I am financially in a difficult position since I have been waiting on this...
  4. S

    Possible to push job start date due to family emergency?

    Hello all, I have recently received my OPT EAD card, which has May 22nd as the start date. I do have an offer from a company and was planning on starting on the 22nd. However, my dad has recently been diagnosed with a terminal cancer, and so I wanted to spend some time with him before it's too...
  5. J

    married to US Citizen, Can I stay in School and apply for residency?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in a F1 visa, and me and my husband got married about half a year ago. We did not send any forms yet to the immigration, just married at the courthouse.. The reason why is because one of the immigration adviser in my school said that if I did apply for my papers...