f-1 visa

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    Acquiring F-1 visa while I-485 petition is pending.

    Hi. I have to apply for my F-1 visa in a few months, as I have to enter the US for studying in the fall of 2021. My uncle is a Legal US citizen and has applied for the I-485 petition long back, and it has around 2-3 years remaining. I might turn 21 before the petition is over. I am not sure if...
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    Overstaying F-1 60 day grace period while waiting for I-485 to process

    Hi I am a US citizen who is engaged to an international student on an F-1 visa. My girlfriend graduated from school on 12/12/2019 and currently living with me in the US on her 60 day grace period which will end on 2/14/2020. We are getting married at the end of this January and we have prepared...
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    Is fiance Immediate relative in the DS 160

    What should I do, if my fiance is on H1-B status in the US, should I mention him as the immediate relatives in the DS 160 form (for an F-1 visa)? I am not married while filling visa application but I will be getting married before visa interview.
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    Full time CPT visa in Fall semester

    Hello Dear, I'm a grad student on F-1 visa. I've done full time CPT in summer, which is extended by the company for the fall semester. I have 8 credits left (2 for CPT, 6 course credits), and this is my final semester. 9 credits are required for full time enrollment. Can I work on full time CPT...
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    M-1 to f-1

    i have applied to 3 universities for spring 2017, probably will get from all of three, bt problem is i have already completed my vocation study in MIS and took opt for 3 months then after m planing to pursue my master in same stream which is MIS , so i am going back to india to change my status...
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    terminated sevis, F-1 visa

    hello I am a student with a terminated SEVIS more than 5 months because my record transfer did not go through but I did not find out until recently because my school claimed to have informed me but I did not know however i have always attended full course classes at a community collge and i...