expedited processing

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    K-1 expedited request for fiance whose is nursing my biological baby (US citizen via CRBA)

    Hello I have a daughter (US citizen) and a fiance (non-Us citizen). My daughter is just 11 months old and still nursing. I have already applied K1 visa for my fiance in August. However, in the country they live now, we couldn't find essential baby vaccinations (even though we got most of them)...
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    Can I put a hospital's number as contact information in my expedited interview form?

    I am applying for an expedited interview with the consulate now that I finished the DS-160, set up the interview date, and payed my fees. My son is hospitalized in the US, and according to the form, I should put in his attending physicians contact information. I am currently trying to get my...
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    Expedited processing request on F-1 under emergency

    Hi, My class is starting very soon but I am still waiting on getting an approval on for my F-1 application from USCIS. Can I request expedited processing under emergency clause since my class is starting very soon and I am financially in a difficult position since I have been waiting on this...