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    K-1 expedited request for fiance whose is nursing my biological baby (US citizen via CRBA)

    Hello I have a daughter (US citizen) and a fiance (non-Us citizen). My daughter is just 11 months old and still nursing. I have already applied K1 visa for my fiance in August. However, in the country they live now, we couldn't find essential baby vaccinations (even though we got most of them)...
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    URGENT! My I-485 was denied due to mistake made by USCIS

    My I-485 was denied today after I went to biometrics, and acquired my EAD. On the denial notice, it says that I did not attend the biometric appointment USCIS requested thus the case result in denial. But that information is false, not only I went to the appointment, but also I have...
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    Successful K1 Visa (I-129 f) Expedite Request

    Just wanted to let people know that it IS possible to get the I-129f processed in an expedited basis. (Note that this is just the I-129 f part of the whole K1 visa process - but it normally is the longest part) My Fiancee lives in a country that was struck by a natural disaster, so I requited...