educational qualification

  1. S

    Educational Certificates full name Issues

    Hi all, I'm a DV 2021 winner from Sri Lanka. Our embassy asks for the A/L certificate as it is regarded as the education qualification for the Green Card. My issue is that my surname is not printed in my A/L certificate. For example, Full Name: SURNAME Simon Peter Andrew Name printed on the...
  2. M

    Help about the highest level of education - dv lottery visas

    Hello folks :) Well, i am from Morocco and i was about to submit the dv lottery application untill i saw something. Normally the level that is best match to me is the "Vocational School". Because after i had completed 12 years of education, i went to a vocational school and after 2 years i got...
  3. noobeleng

    About education (DV-2019)

    Hello there! Got one question regardless education. I'm from Russia, and i've got Specialist Degree, been styding for 5.5 years. So, what should i choose when choosing my highest education degree? University Degree Some Graduate Level Courses Master's Degree As far as i understand Univercity...
  4. M

    US DV Lottery Educational Qualification Eligibility

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm from sri lanka , in our country there is no high school or secondary school graduation system. Instead of that we have O/L exam & A/L exam. We do O/L after 11 years of school studying and A/L after 13 years of school studying. I have completed my O/L exams well...