e3 visa

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    I've made the mistake of winning the DV lottery while on an E3; is there any chance I can keep from being deported for showing intent?

    I was so excited to win the 2020 DV lottery that I filed the DS-260 immediately (as advised to on the site; I honestly though I'd miss out on getting one of the 50k GC's if I wasn't one of the first 50k people to submit the DS-260). Now that I've shown immigration intent, my upcoming E3 renewal...
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    Biological father offered adopted son a job in California. TN VISA?

    Hello, my husband was adopted at birth and now has a relationship with his birth father. His father offered to petition for us to immigrate, however that would take 15+ years, and we are not sure how "bonafide" their relation ship is as a father-child relationship as they only met a few times...