1. M

    Level of education OR work experience?

    Hello, I am a bit confused about what would be best to document in my application. I have what appears to be an equivalent of some graduate degree courses (studied in France) but also have 10 years of work experience in the Tech field (have read there is a shortage of applicants for this job in...
  2. A

    Dv 2019 no 2nl yet

    Thanks in advance CN:2019AS90xx Iraq DS-260 submitted in March Documents confirmation: July 8th Last email I received: Your case number is now current for interview processing. Once the interview date has been scheduled, you will receive notification via email to check..... Because your case...
  3. G


    Hello I have a question; I was admitted to the DV2019 as well as one of my friends. I have a number "case number" much lower than him. And I submitted my DS260 in June 2018. him in August 2018. He received the email requesting documents (civility, criminal record ..) as provided in the following...
  4. I

    DV 2019 Verify Entrant

    Dv 2019 I checked my status on May 2018, and It was have not been selected as usual. Today I rechecked and got a massage with a headline (Information enterd is not valid) I thought that I've entered some wrong information so I retrived the confirmation number throug (Forgot confirmation number...
  5. C

    DV 2019 - How long does initial selection take?

    Hi all, So DV 2019 selections started today at 12pm ET. Does anyone know how long do the initial selections take? Should winners have found out already if they were selected, or does it normally take a couple of days / weeks? I checked my DV 2019 entrant status today, which says: "the Entry...
  6. OnTheGo

    DV 2019 - new enrollment date Oct 18 - Nov 22 !!!

    **** NEWS ***** I decided to open a new thread rather than adding this important piece of info at the end of another one - because this is something everyone applying for the DV 2019 wants to know! Not sure why this has not been communicated more wildly yet, but I have just found some BREAKING...