1. D

    DV Lottery Online submission of DS-260

    The "Sign and Submit" page seems to be separate for each person in the application. Does this mean I can submit my application without all dependents submitting? The reason being I accidentally included my son as a dependent even though he turned 21.
  2. TheKey

    DV2021 Lawsuits

    ***A thread for people who plan on/or have joined a lawsuit to discuss their DV2021 cases.***
  3. vincee

    Question level of education DV-2021

    Hello, I have a question regarding the selection of my level of education, as of today. I'm a graduated Bachelor's who is pursuing a Master's degree on top of it. Should I select: - University Degree or - Some graduate level courses? Thanks for taking your time!
  4. C

    dv-2021 - Applying as an Argentinian, my passport is Spanish

    Hi all, First time posting here. I'm applying for the dv-2021. I was born and still live in Argentina. I have acquired Spanish citizenship through my grandparents, and that Spanish passport is the only passport I hold. Can I apply claiming eligibility based on the country where I was born (Arg)...