ds 260

  1. A

    When should I pay the AOS and IV fees

    I belong to the F4 category visa. I have received the NVC case creation email on February 8,2021 with nvc case number and invoice id. Should i pay the fees within 1 year from the date that i received the email(i.e. February 8,2022). Or will NVC contact me again to start paying the fees?
  2. F

    DS260 unlock request

    Those of you who have unlocked your DS260 forms; when you got the email reply from KCC that your form has been unlocked, did it contain the following phrase: "Please remember that the Kentucky Consular Center does not have the authority to tell you whether or not your specific case will be...
  3. MonFD

    Interview location and DS-260 questions

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding my application. I am EU 15XXX. I have submitted my DS-260 in May 2017 while I was still living in Country A. Since then I moved back home to my home country B starting July 2017 and now I am working in Country C since January 2018. My interview was set...
  4. M

    DS 260 Form, Addresses Lived In Since Age 16

    Hi, I am helping my uncle with filling out his DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Application Form. In the DS 260 form, there is a field that asks for the addresses in which he lived since the age of 16. He lived in several other countries. But he mostly does not remember the addresses of all the...
  5. J

    Beneficiary ID for DS 260 USA Immigration Visa Form

    The DS 260 form has a field asking for Beneficiary ID. I could not find it in my any of my documents. I have the Case Number, the Invoice ID, the Transaction ID. But I could not locate the Beneficiary ID. How will I obtain it? Thanks for any help.
  6. J

    DS 260 Visa Application Form Filling out, CAPITAL or Not

    Hi, Should I fill up the text fields in DS 260 form in all 'CAPITAL LETTERS' or 'Each Word Capitalized' or 'Sentence case'? Thanks for any help. --- Jamil Ahmed